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Favorite "Pony Artist"?


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Obviously, the brony fandom has many great artists, but if you had to choose one favorite, who would it be and why?

I have a tight choice between The-Butch-X and uotapo. I love the way The-Butch-X draws Equestria Girls more than uotapo, but I love the way uotapo draws ponies more than The-Butch-X. Decisions decisions... 



Yeah, I'll go with The-Butch-X.


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King prisman is one of my favorites, as he tends to draw his ponies more furry than most others (were it would seem their coats are akin to either skin tight shiny leather or are just skin)


And Qwerty, for just doing some pencil art, his stuff is down right amazing, and the image of my OC I had commisoned from him remaines my main image for her. The guy is amazingly talented and I wish he would return here more often



And I also enjoy his art, it certainly has a uniqe style, and he is greatly improving even over his drawings posted here.




(and yes, I did only mention artists I have had personal contact with, as with drawn art alot of the enjoyment for me comes also from the interaction with the artist. Thus why I did not put down more known artists like pixel kitties or braeburned.)

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Eh... You're asking a very, VERY hard question, even here, with so many good artists on this forum it's difficult to decide. more so if I include DeviantArt.


For the moment I'll say my favourite DeviantArt artist, Mickeymonster.





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