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Humor DJ OCTAV3: Music is Friendship "Pilot episode"


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I believe this is my first ever fan fic...I just thought I'd put it here to see what you guys thought...so, here it is, hope you like it. Hopefully more to come.


One lovely day in Canterlot, the renowned cellist prepares for another show at the Grand Galloping Gala "*sigh* I almost wish something...interesting would happen this year." Not knowing of the night she will have once the Gala rolls around.

Meanwhile in Ponyville, the renowned DJ PON3 was raring up for one of Pinkie Pie's famous parties. "Awesome! Turntables check, headphones check, and can't forget my glasses! Alright! Time to drop some bass" opening the doors to the biggest party in Ponyville in the past few days.

Octavia had remembered the Apple Family reunion was today, so she thought she'd visit her cousin, Fiddle Faddle. Fiddle always plays at them when they need music.

As she was wandering down the streets of Ponyville when she heard the thumping of music coming from a nearby building "Such strange music...why would anypony want to listen to such-" Before she could finish her sentence, a pony came hurtling towards her, presumably thrown out of the party "LOOK OUT!" A voice cried out to her, just before a blue aura held the pony in place just before it hit Octavia, then throwing her into a trash can near by.

Octavia, still huddled down out of fear of being seriously injured. The pony who saved Octavia walked over to her "You ok there?" Octavia looked up to see a white unicorn with her strange glasses, who had her hoof outstretched to her. "Names Vinyl, sorry about that." Octavia reached her hoof up and grabbed Vinyls "I am Octavia, it's quite alright, you did save me after all." Vinyl raised her eyebrow slightly "What's a Canterlot pony like you doing in Ponyville?" Octavia just stands up and dusts herself off before responding "I'm here to visit a relative that lives here" she proceeded to straighten her bow tie.

And as they walk together, mostly on the part of vinyl, a Canterlot chariot with a sulking purple unicorn flies over head, these new "friends" start their zany adventures from Ponyville to Canterlot.


And here's a picture to go with it post-27033-0-36304900-1410506827_thumb.jpg

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