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Movies/TV Was DBZ Battle of The Gods good?


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I know that this is DBZ and the continuity has never had a history for being consistent. I am asking how the overall movie was and also how Bills racks up to other villains. My friend told me it wasn't that good. Bills is this high level god above the supreme kais and we have the following issues


Was impressed with someone killing Freiza 

Actually considered Freiza a threat 

Knew nothing about Cell or Buu

I guess he was informed about Freiza's death 20 years after the fact

Doesn't know what a super sayain is


See the issues?

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The world of the Gods of Destruction (Beerus and the others) and Creation (Kaioshins) don't work the same way as the world of the lower Kais (South.North, etc.). So not all of them know the same things. 


Beerus for me made the movie. He was such an enjoyable and menacing character, I thought there would never appear a villain good enough to rival Cell as my all-time favourite DBZ villain, but I was wrong.


The rest of the cast was the same, with little to no changes and some inconsistencies here and there, but they were all passable.


The Ssj God transformation was a bit lazy, but I thought the fact that Goku didn't enjoy having such godly power was very interesting from him.


This new movie extended the DBZ mythos even more, and I'm hyped to see the rest of the Gods of Destruction, and the trailer of the second movie doesn't show anything, but it looks pretty sweet.

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