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Hi, I'm new.


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'Soup. I'm new here, and... Well, the questionary about resumes most of it; I found this forum while looking for a good brony community.

 I've been a brony for a while now. I've been one for more than two years, and I've seen some things in this crazy thing we call a fandom. To be more specific, I joined in december 2011. You can't say I'm a veteran, but I'm not new. I've been feeling nostalgic about the fandom recently and this place looked perfect to try to revive whatever I miss, which I'm not sure about what it is in the first place.

 If it's even relevant, my main interests now-a-days include MLP:FiM, MLP:FiM; League of Legends, and Doctor Who. I also play bass, and I (try to) do music as a hobby.

 I hope to get along with all of you here and to lurk hard.


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[This post is hidden. No offense to anyone, but I am no longer part of the community and no longer wish to be an (active) part of the forums. I treasure the friendships I made along the way. Thank you!]

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Hello GearheadWilliams, and welcome to the forums. :)


I hope you'll have a really great time here and enjoy all the friendly that everypony shares. ^_^


And I ran out of any Twillight, but I do have some sparkle for you! *sets a rocket and lights it up*



OK, that made me giggle.

Thank you all for the greetings. I'm starting to like it here.

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