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Gaming JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future a nostalgia game we will never forget


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in 2002 jet set radio future was released and everyone loved the game it was a sequel to the original jet set radio in 2000 but the 3rd of the series was never released so the 2nd game A.K.A. Jet Set Radio Future is the still remaining chapter in the series




in here i will show you guys the best levels in the game


Shibuya Terminal




99th Street



 keep your eyes open for graffiti souls and they are rare in the game so if you see one grab it these will unlock you more graffiti in the game meeting characters that are blue in the game unlock you that character some can be unlocked in the test run mode which you have to beat the GG's handbook to

unlock the test run mode and that level you just beated getting a jet rank on the level unlocks you those characters so the game is rare and the number 1 nostalgia game due to it's music and graffiti.

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JSRF was such a rad buckin' game… but it was really bizarre that Goji Rokkaku was in both games. O_o

I think it was bizarre, at least.



mostly they both are different he was different if you talk to the statue it says it was a past gouji referring to jet grind radio the statue shows him holding a cane but in future he isnt if gouji was alive in future then he wouldnt have fallen off that building a building that tall could kill someone O_O

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