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Movies/TV Why does Asia have to put inappropriate scenes in their cartoons?



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Depends what kind of weird thing you mean..


Keep in mind that sex sells, and they know that it will sell good with their target audience. I don't really appreciate all the sexualisation myself but it is what it is. 


If you mean giant talking animals, girls with pink hair who can fly and tsunderes, different cultures = different social values, even the things you think are the weirdest are things that other cultures probably do on a daily basis.  From an objective view, American TV is pretty weird, too. We say we hate drugs but one of our highest rated shows is about selling meth. We respect our ancestors by shooting them in the head when they rise up from their graves and leaving them there.We have talking anthropomorphic bears talking to toddlers and not mauling them. 

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Fan service is something that has really put me off of anime and manga. Seriously, it bugs the hell out of me. I guess as a result, the only series I read at the moment is Yotsuba&!. The OP can always try watching Studio Ghibli films, I don't recall fan service being a big part in those.

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The standards over what is considered appropriate and inappropriate are a little different in Japan and a lot of Americans tend to see cartoons as something that always or almost always has to be for kids while this isn't a common attitude in Japan. Granted more and more Americans are starting to see that just because something is a cartoon dosen't automatically mean it is or should be geared toward children but the attitude of cartoons=for kids is still a common point of view in American meaning there are far fewer things cartoons can actually get away with in America unless said cartoons are geared specifically for adults. It is hard to believe now but when it came out The Simpsons was almost as controversial as South Park would later become when it first came out.

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Anyone ever see "Fritz the Cat"?

No, but my neighbor told me about it years ago and I have wanted to see it out of morbid curiosity ever since. Knowing my sick sense of humor it should be good for a laugh.

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I respect Japan for respecting sex like I do (I do talk about sex openly with my friends, we're pretty serious at that) and I have no problems with any kind of anime or cartoon. But I don't really watch them, I'm more to gaming XD


My sis and best friend is an otaku (avid anime fan I think?). They'd recommend me nagi no asukara, a new anime. They have the original disk and I kinda watched them. They have this Studio Ghibli-esque to them. You might want to check it out.


Back to topic, it's not asia, it's japan, they put those fan services because their cartoons have wider audiences that span from kids to old geezer. It's merely for our viewing pleasure and on some anime, commonly the mecha anime always display cute characters boys and girls (most of the time with big boobs, bouncing boobs or just plain sexy) on some part as part of a plot just to attract more people since not many like mecha anyways. All in all, fan services are meant to attract a bigger audience, which they succeed, naturally.

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