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Final thoughts on the G1 series

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I've finally reached the end of the G1 series, so I'm ready to share my final thoughts(in case anyone actually cares, though I'm not expecting anyone to). For what it's worth, I like the series. I don't think it's nearly as good as FiM, but it's enjoyable enough that I was able to get through it. It does have its problems, of course. It takes a while for the show to establish recurring characters. When it does, the series becomes much more engaging IMHO, but it doesn't happen right away. The music blows across the board, with maybe one or two exceptions, and even then I don't think it's that great, yet songs happen to be a big part of the series. The show ends abruptly, with no closure, but I guess that can be forgiven since it is an episodic series with few recurring plot threads. Anything to do with male ponies creates glaring plot holes.


The series does have its strong points though. Most of the villains are engaging, which is evident right from the start. The characters have engaging personalities, and there is plenty of conflict to keep things interesting. If nothing else, they're adorable and easy to watch. There are a couple nice touches, such as the baby ponies getting a little older in season 2, though why they couldn't just be referred to as the young ponies, or as the fillies instead of the first tooth ponies is beyond me. There is at least some creativity in the premise and plot of the various episodes. While I don't think the writing is quite on par with the best of FiM, I will commend the ability of this show's writing staff to fit a story into a single 9 to 11 minute episode at times, and only have a couple moments feel rushed max, if any.


All in all, this series gets a pass in my book. For the time being my journey through the past of MLP is still underway. I'm moving on to Pony Tales, which I've been warned is not nearly as good, but I guess I'll find out for myself soon enough.

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I have only seen the g1 movies/specials that they would air during the marathon, and during some of the older fandom streaming events.

Out side of the special that spawned the ideas that would lead Faust to create FiM ( terror at midnight castle or something?) I did not really find it all that enjoyable. It was alot better than what I had seen of g3, but it certainly did not hold a candle to FiM. I did enjoy the movies/specials they had, but as for the few normal episodes I had seen, I found them to almost typify the 80s girl cartoon. It was loads of 80s little girl schlock, but all in all not overly terrible. 

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