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Ah, I remember this one like it was yesterday. It was my very first attempt at building a city. The city came fully equipped with libraries, apartment houses, villager housing, gardens, armories, mansions, and an evil fascist dictatorship. I would show you a better picture, but the save file is long gone.


This was a fortress I built for a paladin lord. I was really proud of it until I learned that quartz has all the blast resistance of wet tissue paper.


Now this is a fortress! It delves deep into the mountain, and is protected by an army of soldiers. That white shrine beside it is dedicated to Celestia, by the way. No, that tree isn't sprouting out of thin air, thanks to my poor photography skills it just looks that way.


A fortress-city I recently built. This one is fairly big; most of it isn't pictured here. It has an extensive sewer system running under it, for no reason other than I was bored.


I think I'll let this one speak for it's self.

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I don't really get why Minecraft is so popular, but if I had to guess it would be because you can make some pretty awesome things like this.


As a huge Medieval fanatic, your creations are right up my alley. That third one with the mountain fortress is probably my favorite of the bunch. Great work, homes.

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Well I don't know about Britty Witty, but I don't look at much Minecraft stuff myself because like I said I don't really see the appeal. Regardless, I find the stuff that you made to be really cool, even if you say it isn't the best.


I wouldn't mind kicking up my hooves inside of any of those castles. Just give me a jester hat and I'll be your Royal Fool man.

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Very nice!  B) 


I play on PS3 (If you want to play with me and my idiot/troll friends, just ask for my PSN name.), but I have yet to build a massive/impressive structure. But the stuff that my friends have made is very impressive. 


Lately, I have been developing my abilities a demolition expert (a certain AC/DC song is to blame), but your things would remain safe as I'll probably just scurry off and replace a village with a decent size crater.

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