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So I've been playing Dance Dance Revolution for about 10+ years now and played some other rhythm games too during that time. But I don't seem to find much discussion about those games! Obviously Rock Band and Guitar Hero are/were hits in the US, but I'm wondering what sort of rhythm games other ponies here have played.


I tend to play DDR or StepMania, as well as Pop'n Music and beatmania IIDX. I'll also play a little bit of Keyboardmania, GuitarFreaks/drummania or ParaParaParadise on occasion if I can and I've been getting into jukebeat and reflec beat lately as well. I do want to get a copy of Rock Band and a keyboard so I can get better at that though I know the DLC store has been closed recently.


So what about all of you?

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There was a game on the Nintendo DS that I think was sadly overlooked called Elite Beat Agents. That game was so simple yet incredibly fun. Mastering songs on that game felt sooooooooo good.


Another great one in my opinion was Donkey Konga and it's sequel. Those games were a blast too and it's a shame Nintendo went nowhere else with the bongo controller except for Jungle Beat, which was also awesome!


One that is a bit more recent is Rock Band Blitz, which I have to give Harmonix credit for trying to kinda revive a genre that drove itself into the ground. The game is pretty neat especially since it works with a lot of RB3 songs but the DRM-ish aspect to it was kinda dumb.


One last thing...I miss playing DDR.

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Elite Beat Agents.

I played that a bit and enjoyed it. I never owned it cause I recall only temporarily owning a DS. I think. I was not big on dedicated portable gaming systems. But Elite Beat Agents was fun. If you own an iPad you might want to give jukebeat a try. Similar (fixed point targets that you wait on) but different (multi-touch, so you can be hitting multiple targets, though it's not tap/hold or sliding)


I miss playing DDR.

If you go to any big brony conventions (BronyCon, GalaCon) there's a good chance they will have something like StepMania there with pony songs by having the Trotmania pack installed

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I like a game called "Cytus". The gameplay is really simple; you just tap, hold or drag the circles that appear in time with the music, but its most notable feature is that it has a buttload of songs.


Their plan is to release a new DLC chapter for every 100,000 purchases, and every time they release a new chapter they also make a previous one permanently free, until they reach a million players at which point the base game will include 100 songs. They're currently at chapter 9, so that's 90 songs included in the base game.


Even though it's not the most mechanically complex game out there, it definitely has a lot of value for its price. It's available on iOS, Android, and Playstation Mobile, so if you have one of these devices I would suggest you check it out.

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Rhythm games eh? Let's see


I played Elite Beat Agents and the Japan-counterpart. I like the Japan version cos I got an S there in the before final stage, which was the story of 3 40+ women trying to save their idol from an enemy.


then there's my favorite, DJ Max Technika. I don't play it, but often I accompany my friend playing it. That game was the reason I get to see my old church friend again. He played Cytus too. Here's his best game (I think)





Also a DJ Max run, best song eva




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Final Battle of Rainbow Rocks and Elite Beat Agents will be the focus of this post, so SPOILERS AHEAD and plug in headphones, because you'll need to listen to understand my post!


After seeing the Battle between the Rainbooms and Dazzlings before The Rainbooms are overwhelmed by the Dazzlings at the climax of Rainbow Rocks, I noticed how it closely syncs with the Elite Beat Agents Episode, "No More Music!? The Last Hope!!" feat. the song "Without a Fight"


I ran these 2 videos and found that if this Elite Beat Agents videos plays from 1:19-3:24

And this Rainbow Rocks video plays from 1:46-3:51,

The scenes should play out in a very similar way. STOP both videos when Twilight's Mic flys out of her hand and the Elite Beat Agents are FLASHED! There is more for me to say!
After the Elite Beats Agents are FLASHED, it leads to the true final song "Jumping Jack Flash"

Here's a video of the EBA: Jumping Jack Flash (multi-screen to show the 4 different difficulties)

The EBA: JJF song features 2 minutes and 40 seconds of player input from first beat to tap(2:08) going all the way to the final spinner clear(4:48).


While on the Rainbow Rocks side, starting with the background beat as Sunset finally starts to sing(4:17) going all the way to the exact moment the sky alicorn fire her energy beam(5:49), leading to the Dazzlings' defeat, takes about 1 minute and 32 seconds!


The EBA Jumping Jack Flash song is too long to work well with the Rainbooms' comeback portion of the song, but I still see the similarities between this Equestria Girls battle and the Elite Beat Agents fight versus music-hating aliens anyway. Don't You?

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My rhythm game of choice?



Nerdy rogue-like dungeon crawler meets DDR (It even works with USB dance pads!)

In Crypt of the Necrodancer, EVERY action you take must be on beat to the music. From walking to fighting to using items...

If you get bored of the original sound track (Which you won't) you can even upload your own MP3s to the game and play wit those...


Needless to say, this game is fudging awesome!!!

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