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If an MLP FIM character won Twisted Metal.


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The winner gets an audience with Calypso, tells him their wish, and he twists the meaning of it. You may also use any characters outside of MLP.


Cutie Mark Crusaders wish to have their cutie marks.

Calypso grants their wish by giving them cutie marks which are sponsorship logos to promote products and his tournament.


Princess Luna wish to be loved by her subjects.

Calypso grants her wish where Luna is beloved by her subjects. Then it reaches a point where the crazy obsessed creepy ones start coming out. Stealing her possesions, along with her hair follicles, sneaking into her room to watch her sleep, and etc. She winds up going into hiding in the end.

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Sombra wins the tournament. His wish is to have an empire again and subjects that would be worthy of his power. Calypso gives him this but he rules an army of changelings that only know how to change into Sombra himself (What could be more worthy of your power than yourself?) Thus when they all did this nopony knew who was who and war broke out within their ranks. Sombra just cannot catch a break.


Discord wins and he wishes for him and Fluttershy to be the best friend duo ever. With this Calypso gives Fluttershy the same chaotic power Discord has and her personality changes because of it. She ends up not being the friend that Discord remembers. That would be depressing, however, Fluttershy with Discord's abilities and personality would be neat to see.

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  • Pinkie pie wishes for cupcakes, but with every cupcake she eats, her mental state drops to a psycho level. thus begins Cupcakes
  • Rainbow Dash wishes to be the fastest pony in equestria, but once she starts, she can't stop, even if she tried
  • Fluttershy wants to care for every critter in equestria, but ends up trampled by the stampede
  • Applejack wishes for the best apples in equestria, but they are full of a slow-effect poison
  • Rarity wants to be the most famous designer, but gets crowd crushed by over obsessive fans
  • Twilight wants to be more powerful, but her powers are uncontrollable

Playing all twisted metal's, I know how Calypso works and how he screws over noble wishes  

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