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Sad Diamond Tiara tells the truth

Buck Testa

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"Where are they!? Where are the cutie mark crusaders!?" Shrieked the voice of a spoiled young earth pony as she stomped into carousel boutique. Her usually well kept mane was in shambles and her eyes were puffy and watery. Her name was Diamond Tiara, and her magenta colored body was trembling with rage and something else underneath.


"What is this? Who is barging into my shop carrying on like that." Rarity demanded as she sauntered out from the back room where she worked. A furious ball of purple sped to where the white pony stood and stomped her tiny hooves in a half crazed state "Tell them to give it to me, tell them to give it to me NOW!"


"I suggest you change your tone darling before I inform your Father of this dreadful display." Rarity said with a huff looking at the rage filled filly. She expected Diamond Tiara to either keep ranting or go running off elsewhere, instead a pained almost frantic expression grew on the fillys face. Her eyes dilated and she clamped onto the white mares foreleg

"N...No! Please! He can't... I don't..." her lips were quivering and tears welled up "...help me..."


Rarity's fustration melted into concern as she sat down and looked at the filly "Ms Tiara what has you so worked up? I don't think I have ever seen you in such a state. Tell Auntie Rarity what the matter is" She wasn't really her aunt but she felt it fit at the moment. The Earth pony shuddered and sat down.

"I... I can't lie..."

"care to elaborate dear?" Asked a puzzled Rarity

"The crusaders were mad at me so they snuck a truth telling potion or something in my drink" the way she delivered that line made it sound like the worst possible thing. Rarity had the wheels turning in her head as she put some clues together.

"So are you saying you need to be able to lie? Is life so bad without fibbing?"


"YES! You wouldn't understand because you are perfect!" Diamond spat out as she started to cry "My Daddy is important and wealthy and smart and how am I supposed to live up to that? I am supposed to do great things and be the most important pony in any given room. How?! What am I supposed to do?! What if daddy finds out I don't know? I cant lie and pretend like I do and..." her breathing was getting erratic, Rarity could feel the fillies heart beat pounding out of her chest as she shook to her core. Her face contorted in horror and saddness as she bellowed hoarsely "MAKE ME STOP TELLING THE TRUTH!!!l"


Rarity hugged her out of instinct and petted her mane as she sobbed into her coat with abandon. The mare was a lot like Diamond when she was a filly. Arrogant, stuck up, and utterly lost. Her only saving grace was her down to earth parents who taught her what being a proper mare was, even if she faught against it for much of her young life.


"I... I know I am mean. I know it, but its not fair that they get to be happy just finding out who they want to be while I... I already cost daddy his wife... I just want to live up..." her words were choked and sputtered out messily, and it made Rarity tear up with her "... to make it up to him, to be somepony he could be proud to call his daughter. But... all I got is this stupid cutie mark that I cant make heads or tails of, what am I supposed to do..." She seemed to shrink into Rarity and grow limp with every word uttered.


Three fillies slinked into view from the outside with ears plasterd to their heads in shame. What they had intended as a harmless prank on a bully backfired in a way their young minds could not conceive. Applebloom had a strange vial between her teeth. Rarity was furious with the lot of them and they would get an earful when the whole thing was settled.


"Darling... your father loves you. I know the Stallion, he is a kind soul and he is going to be proud of you no matter what. His name may be Filthy Rich but there is nothing about him that would make him not love you..." she gestured for the vial from Applebloom.


Diamond Tiara wiped her eyes and shuddered, looking much younger than she normally did when she made those jaded expressions "o...okay..."


"W...we are so sorry..." Sweetiebell said making Diamond jump. She hadnt realized the others had came in the room.


"You really should clear this up with your father, secrets like this are bound to drive a filly crazy with fear. If it helps I will accompany you"


Diamond looked at the vial and then to the crusaders "I...don't hate blank...I mean..."

"You dont need to say anything...we understand now." Scootaloo said.

"And you all will understand even more when Rainbow Dash, Applejack and maybe Twilight are informed of this later" Said Rarity with dissapointment in her voice, making the cmc's head droop.


even though she hated the feeling of spilling her thoughts, Diamond felt far more relaxed and spent than she had in a long, LONG time, and ended up falling right to sleep against Rarity, her tearsoaked face looking calm now. She hadnt even drank the vial yet. Rarity had work to do, but for the moment she was content to let the troubled filly sleep.


fin (for now)

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