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OOC Red Ribbon ~OOC~ (Friendship,Romance, Sad)

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Today,today can mean something different to anypony. Like, maybe today is the start of your first day of school. Would that be a good today or a bad today? Well, that's the thing - sometimes you might not know. The world is filled with questions that only you can answer.

Let me tell you a story. It is about me, Emerald Sheen, and of course my friends. But more importantly it's about you. The readers, audience, listeners-whatever!

Just enjoy this little taste of my private life.


It's the start of college at Crystal University. The preppiest school in all of the Crystal Empire! This story is going to be about your experiences at Crystal U. I am sorry if I wasn't able to help you much, but if you have any further questions I'd be glad to answer them. I have put the link to the roleplay below.


(Red Ribbon RP )


And here are some rules-


.No godmodding

.No killing other OCs/or suicide

.Love and Tolerate

.Please use as best grammar as you can. And use quotations when you speak, it makes this easier for me to understand.

.Have fun!

Edited by Emerald <3
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