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Since we've had a good amount of forum topics on involving MLP head-canons, I think it's only fair we get one where we can discuss our head-canons on other parts of media.

I'll start this out with giving my Super Smash Bros head-canons;

At the time of the 'first' Super Smash Tournament, Master Hand captured Mario, Link, and the others and forced them to fight each other for his amusement, but the fighters shortly broke free of Master Hand's control and all worked together to fight him back. After an intense fight, Master Hand surrendered and offered to give them control of the Smash Dimension in exchange they spare him.

After much discussion, our heroes decided to use the Smash Dimension as headquarters for them to form their own Justice League-esique team of heroes dedicated to helping each other protect the multiverse and hunt down evil. They also take up exploring other dimensions looking for other heroes willing to help their cause as well as help said heroes to striking down whatever villians inhabit their dimension.

They also open fighting tournaments annually, but unlike Master Hand, however, any potential fighters are given invitations to join rather than being kidnapped and forced to fight, and the reward for winning is a choice between a promotion in rank (if you join the Smashers in their transdimensional crusade)


As for my head-canon on individual fighters, here's this;


The Wii-Fit Trainer is actually an android built and programmed to help Smashers stay in fighting shape, though was given enough self-awareness to enable her to fight to protect herself and others if needed. But she has an obsession with helping others exercise and sees fighting in tournaments as an easy way to help as many Smashers exercise as possible.


The Mii Fighters are considered Smasher infantry, as a way for normal humans to join the Smashers regardless of combat history (or lack thereof). Each Mii Fighter gets to choose 3 different fighting styles with the folowing veteran Smashers training them;


Brawlers are trained by Mario and Captain Falcon.


Swordfighters are trained by Marth and Link.


Gunners are trained by Samus Aran and Megaman.


but enough about me for now, what are your head-canons?

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