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(Spoilers) Something sad about human Twilight....

Fawkes The Phoenix

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Well, i think i know the reason she's not in Canterlot High, it's because the universe manages to keep both counterparts away from each other to avoid any paradox, even if that means changing its own history, so human Twilight was going to Canterlot High until Twilight crossed the portal.


But that's not my point, she never went to Canterlot High and she never met the Mane 5, in RR we see her as the lonely girl who only cares about studying that Twilight was in episode 1, she was meant to go to Canterlot High and make friends, but now Sunset Shimmer took her place, and she never knew the magic of friendship, what if she never does? Twilight already said that her life wasn't complete until she met her friends (BBBFF), isn't it sad and ironic the fact that because of her pony counterpart she may never be happy?

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This is what's known as "foreshadowing"...


There's an EG spinoff series coming, and I'd be amazed if they didn't do at least one more film. I think human Twilight gets hers soon enough.

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She's like The Question :wub:. I loved that little ending scene and hope she has a little tougher time learning about friendship and relating to other people than her pony self did. She'll definitely be popping up in that Equestrian Academy show if/when it becomes a thing.

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Actually they have made the perfect senario for introducing Hume!Twi


The scientist who cannot accept the concept of magic without scientific proof with people claiming they are friends with a pony princess version of her in another demension


"Spike the students in this school are CRAZY!"


Sunset shimmer could literally get advice from Pony twilight on how to make friends with Human Twilight. Think about that a sec, helping someone else work past your own flaws that you already got over but are going through it again in a different setting and outside the situation. It doesn't get more meta then that.

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