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Something to Motivate (Or I think it's motivating) People when Times are Hard

Celestial Panzerhund

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Everyone is like metal. Metal that starts as an ore. A metal that is picked and heated, bent and beaten. Then engraved into whatever life wants you to be.

Whatever life wants you to be? That is not it's choice.


"Everything happens for a reason." Someone once said. That person is right. Everything happens for a reason to a person. That is life testing you. The good, the bad, and then in between. It want's to pick you out, bend you, beat you into something new.


If you let it.


Getting high off drugs because your day didn't go right, cutting yourself because you get bullied by others, lowering your self esteem; suicide...


That is being selfish. That is being naive. That is being stupid. I know nothing of your life but think of this: People from around the world are being put into slavery, people are being thrown out of houses (like myself), to live on the streets, people that starve almost everyday, and not getting an education, while the higher ups laugh and spit at them.


Just look around you the next time you go outside. Be it the city, or out in the wide open land, just look around. See who has it better, via open land: Predator or prey?
In the city: The business man, or the poor ones on the street? They each have been abused by life in a different way.


Because life is a blessing and a curse. Blessed by friends that make it easier to go through tough times. Cursed by bullies that envy. Blessed by relatives and loved ones that understand. Cursed by those who don't and think: "Better you than me."


I've had my fair share of those.


But this... this is about you.


Life will always bend, twist, pull, and beat everything about you. If you let it, then you are just scrap metal. If you don't, you are a blade. A blade that is sharp to it's wits, unique in form and yet sturdy as if nothing can do anything to you. You set your own path. Not life, not destiny, but you, you find it on your own. Like the ponies and their cutie-marks. Then you see to that to the end.


And when life does push you down. Please don't get up and keep "running", get up and push back harder.


I'm not one for words but I hope this helps. /)^~^/)

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that was a great speech, I probably couldn't of done any better


Very moving indeed. Hard times and problems will come to everyone - it's unavoidable. Sometimes a little push on your mind is all you need to stand up to your troubles.

Thanks guys! ^~^


I got like a sentence in and now my head is filled with minecraft,

Because of the metal I stated? :3

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