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What is your Shipping song?

Buck Testa

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Have you ever heard a song that fit the way you see a pairing so completely that it gives you chills? Not only romantic pairings, but friendship and family relationships that are perfectly defined by a Song.


here are my ship songs



-Underneath it All by No Doubt

-Beauty and the Beast from the movie


Cheese x Pinkie

-Cherry Pie by Warrent

-Pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard


One sided Spike loves Rarity ship

-Fuck You! By Cee Lo Green


Celestia and Twi Mother daughter student relationship

-You'll be in my Heart by Phil Collins


Sweetie Bell and Button Mash cutsie young love

-Just the way you are button Mash version

-Don't mine at night button Mash version


I have others but what about you. What song best describes how you see a relationship in the show, remember it doesn't nessesarily mean a romantic pairing either.

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