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Gaming Favorite Sneaking Suit variant - Metal Gear thread


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The Metal Gear has a plethora of gadgets weapons and equipment. But of course it isn't Snake (or Raiden MGS2) without his sneaking suit.


What's your favorite variant through the series? :)


We've got the first from Metal Gear 2.

The weather proof sneaking suit from MGS1

The Skull suit and Sneak suit of MGS2

The retro prototype from MGS3.

We've got OctoCamo from MGS4.

The advanced model Sneak suit from Peace Walker and Portable Ops.

And Finally we've got the new variant in Ground Zeros and coming up in Phantom Pain.


Here be image refer :)


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no one answered well guess I'm first


my favorite suit is the Neo Moss suit from MGS3 and MGSPW 


in Metal Gear Solid 3 it is the hardest suit to obtain because you need to hold up The End 5 times then beat him with out using lethal force but it is worth it since it gives you a camo of +100%


in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker you get it by Codec calling The End (use the Stealth camo by a Ghost and keep using your Codec and eventually the End will answer if you don't have Stealth Camo then use Smoke Grenades) usually I never use it in missions but in PvP I always use it since it gives you a camo of +100% for most areas then add the Patriot your pretty unkillabled 

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