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I made a entirely MLP - inspired album called Brony...

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I made a album called "Brony" on Datpiff, on the profile "Mixtapekingman".

Could you guys check it out, and possibly download it? It's free!

I also upload a friend of mine's music

(Stallion's music, who currently has NIMDA and Through The Lawless Wasteland released, and me and him are working on a collaboration album called "Post-Revolution", under the name Iwantstallion.)

I also upload another group called JexPsp's music, who has "XtraHype:Early Edition" released!

(JexPsp is me and my friend Jexto.) 

It's got 5 songs, counting the bonus track "Gaming".


2.Wonderbolts Academy

3.Once You Get Started



I do have to admit, my music making skills have highly improved since that album's release.

If you want to hear my most RECENT work, listen to the songs on XtraHype:Early Edition called...

"The Monk Who Ate The Cthulu"

"Don't Wake The Zombies".


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can you please link this stuff at least?

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