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My Little Turtles: April O'Neil


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This isn't the April O'Neil I know!


Where's the yellow jacket?! And the... mature sexy body?!


I guess this is the 2012 April... >_>

Yeah, it's the 2012 April. I might make the 1987 April later. It's just mixing the art styles that I need to get used to. The '12 April is cgi, so it's easier I convert to the MLP style (at least imo), plus, I have more frames of reference. I haven't seen 87 TMNT in ages! Gotta brush up.

I like this a lot. And since I'm a big Turtle fan, you get a 10+++/10. :wub:

Yay! Thanks! I'm gonna work on Leo next I think. I need to practice Casey more before I try ponyfying him.

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