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Who's your favorite pony besides the mane 6?

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TG&P Trixie :wau:

Lots of depth and potential to be a *very* interesting character :D I find her to be tsundere and entertaining to watch. She's also pretty humorous with some of her lines and has an excellent design. She's really got the whole package, and she's second to only Rarity in terms of my favorite ponies, and probably one of my 10 favorite characters in all of media :D


Oh, and unicorn master race :please:

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ah, so much choice, I don't think I could put a single character down, it would be around 7 different characters

Sweetie Belle


Princess Luna


Good Discord from the universe where king Sombra is the good guy from the comic (it can count, right?)

Derpy Hooves

Princess Celestia (from the comics, in the TV show I just don't like her as much)

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Well let's see here. 


Sweetie Belle: The crusader I just find the most fun to watch and has IMO the best episodes of the crusaders.


Spitfire: Don't know what, but there's something about her I like. Maybe it's her design.


Lyra: Just love her concept.

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