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OOC The Dark Stars - A Fallout : New Vegas RP [Non-Pony RP] (NO LONGER ACCEPTING)

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Life in New Vegas was always rough. Never enough opportunity and odd jobs have become scarce. But this time was different, flyers posted all around New Vegas mentioning about a mercenary branch just now establishing in New Vegas.

Food, Water, Security and Training all provided.

It reads : Go to the embassy for recruiting!


This story will follow along the recruits (you awesome lads) during your services with the Dark Star mercenaries, a loose NCR branch of contractors.


Character creation requirements:


SPECIAL Stats, these will best determine a premade role for your character.

Skills, also used in determining roles.


Plot details are rather loose. Just simple grunt work.


Also another notice : This RP does NOT involve ponies or the MLP universe.


Current roster:




Lucas Boyd

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I do apologize for not making things clearer.


All you need is your name race SPECIAL and Skill stats and just a brief summary of background.

Gotcha. It'll just take me a few minutes to type one up.

Name: Twitch


Gender: male


Appearence: he looks like every other ghoul, only he has somhow managed to keep his hair. Which is a deep red, crazy mess of a mop on his head. He also has a normal voice...maybe he's luckier than he thought?

Weapon(s): dynamite, grenades, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, mines, C-4, powder charges, and other explosives.


Race: ghoul


Strength: 4

Perception: 10

Endurence: 5

Charisma: 5

Intelligence: 5

Agility: 5

Luck: 5


Backstory: Twitch, a rude, arrogant, explosion obsessed ghoul, raised in a small gang of misfit orphans from D.C. Being the only ghoul in his gang made things tough for discreet business, such as theivery and pickpocketing. And nobody would ever pity a begging ghoul. So, he had to learn how to take things by force. And what better way to scare someone into giving you want you want, than explosives? Although, messing with nuclear explosives is what caused his ghoulification, he still makes it his highest priority to find and make new explosives, just to blow anyone who doesn't agree with him to hell. Now, after drifting from place to place for a while, Twich has decided to stick around Vegas and find a few jobs, maybe even hit up a few casinos, even though he knew he was a terrible gambler.

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Sounds like an interesting character. Though I will let you know now, when you enter for recruiting all your equipment and weapons will be taken from you.

Alright...but it'll probably look like that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean when Elizabeth is giving up all her weapons, and she keeps taking out more and more weapons until there's a whole pile of them. XD

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Lol x3. Oh also some side characters from Fallout 3 will be appearing, like Charon Sticky and Sydney.

If you know anyone else interested for a Fallout RP do let them know. :)

Gotcha! (Twentycharacterlimitmustbefilled)

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Name: Lou

Race: Asian

Appearance: short black buzz cut hair, blue eyes, short black stubble

Weapons: assault carbine, .357 revolver, Ka-bar knife, grenades, and dynamite


S- 10

P- 4







Backstory: Born in cottage in the wasteland Lou learned how to shoot a gun and became very skilled at it. When he was 17 his parents cottage was overrun by ghouls. He made it out but the same couldn't be said for his parents. He wondered the wasteland since doin all sorts of odd jobs in order to make money. One day he came across a flyer asking for NCR recruits to join. He signed up hoping to be able he could protect the people of the wasteland from danger.

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I like the look of this, guess I'll join.


Name: Connor


Gender: male


Age: 32


Appearance: https://mlpforums.com/uploads/4746797bb57ee76424de773333b7cabb.jpg



Prototype Enclave Power Armor: https://mlpforums.com/uploads/b7f59a605894867b71db306f21fefb34.jpg

Laser Rifle.

Laser Pistol.

Enclave officers Uniform.


Race: Pure Human (Enclave)


Strength: 7

Perception: 7

Endurance: 7

Charisma: 1

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 5

Luck: 6


Backstory: Connor was apart of the Enclave before it was brought into chaos by the Chosen One, after its destruction, Connor Travelled to New Vegas with a few other Members of the Enclave and he made his home in an old Brotherhood of Steel bunker just next to the hoover dam, there he spent his time with a few other Outcasts and also spent his time repairing his armor and upgrading his weapons.

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Hmm sounds alright. Now I should inform you that considering his Enclave past, the NCR could consider him a threat what with him walking about in his armor. Unless you plan to be stripped of your equipment, which will happen anyway, can you think of a possible solution around being discovered?

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Well I had one idea.


He was captured while out on patrol and he gets offered two choices, get sent to a labour camp till he dies of old age, or he works with the dark stars for a couple of years and he'll be realised and also will be given documents declaring him a citizen of the NCR.


he goes with option number two.

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Name: Lucas "Atlas" Boyd

Age: 26
Race: Normal Boring Human
Appearance: White, blue eyes, dark brown hair. Wears Pre-War combat boots, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and leather jacket with a number of patched bullet holes. Wears goggles and a bandana in public settings and when near NCR.
Weapons: 10mm pistol, Hunter Rifle, and a few frag mines.

S- 7
P- 6
E- 5
I- 7
A- 5
L- 3

Born and raised in a small settlement just inside the NCR's borders. His childhood wasn't anything to marvel at. Just a standard life of Brahmin herding and shooting Radscorpions with BB guns. However for the young and foolish Lucas herding mutated cows wasn't enough and he wanted some excitement. In search of adventure he hitched a ride on a caravan and headed deeper into NCR territory where he signed up for the military.


Many said he had a promising military carrier ahead of him but all that was thrown away when he assaulted and injured a senior officer. While the reasons remain shadowy with many different accounts the evidence subjects Lucas's assault was defensive the high ups in the NCR military chain didn't care. Immediately after a warrant for his arrest was posted Lucas went missing without a trace.


A few months later near New Vegas a hired gun under the name Atlas begins working as an escort for caravans traveling around the Mojave. The search warrant for Lucas is still active with a few wanted posters offering a low reward for him scattered around NCR locations in the Mojave but the NCR may as well have forgotten about petty matters such as this with the more looming threat of the Legion and Mr House.


Lucas low on caps and not enough caravans willing to pay for a hired gun decides to take a risk and mades his way to the NCR embassy to sign up for the Dark Stars for work.

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Oh! I almost forgot (Okay well I did forget but I just remembered) something about Lucas.


After Boot camp in the NCR Lucas managed to get himself shot in a military exercise. While the injury wasn't life threatening it was extremely painful due to the bullet lodging just on a major nerve. Lucas was bed ridden for weeks constantly receiving high doses Med-X from the doctors. He made a full recovery and was released for full duty. The doctors had him take occasional doses of Med-X for the next few weeks as Lucas felt some pain occasionally. The bullet was finally removed when a surgeon was transferred to his camp. In the following days Lucas felt a nagging. While he felt no more pain Lucas felt that he still needed some pain-killers. He blew the feeling off but it kept getting to him. After some complaining the camp doctor he was able to get some more Med-X. Thus began Lucas's addiction to Med-X.


He denies being addicted and believes himself he isn't. He takes it when he can. If he doesn't get a dose for a while he develops a headache and slight shakes. Taking two Med-Xs grants the same effect for Lucas as one for a normal person.

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