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Planning Need three Pegasi for a RP? (FULL)

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@@Scribblegroove and I have agreed to do a RP. It will be about my OC, Riley Blythe, meeting Zephyr Stormwing, Scribble's OC, and the gregarious red stallion helping his new friend, an introverted pony, make some new friends.


So this is where you come in! We need three players to each use a Pegasus OC to be a new friend for Zephyr, since this RP will be taking place in Cloudsdale.


And that's about it.


And we are now full. We have our three Pegasi.

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If you're still accepting past three I'd like to join I have several ocs that could be used

steel-combat oriented

storm twister- versatile

lightning rider - versatile

Disregard past this I forgot to follow and I'm on mobile

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