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I drew my OC, because why not.

Poetic Justice

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So, I decided to download Photoshop and fish out my old drawing tablet from my closet. I've only tried drawing a handful of times, but I am pretty proud of how this turned out.

That weird blue thing on his arm? You won't believe this. That's leather armor!

-dies laughing-

It's supposed to be red, but I figured that'd be too much red.
Anyway, lemme know how I can improve on this.

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oh god... please go back to the red...

It'll work for my fanfiction though!

"Justice, running into Twilight's castle, saw the worst possible thing. The Mane 6 were dead. He weeped from the loss of his girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle. Seeking revenge, he goes into the caves of the Everfree Forst and unleashes the Rainbow Power."

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and is self concious about the size of his eyes. because thats enough character for me to make him an alicorn for no reason, right?

( Is that a jab at my complete inability to draw eyes?)

Nooo, he became an alicorn because his GF, Twilight Sparkle, saw great potential in him!

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but-but you forgot the five-way with lyra, bonbon, vynil, and octavia!


And how he can change to red and black at will because of how edgy he is!

Okay, I have a 2 hour gap in my schedule tomorrow. I will write the WORST possible fanfiction I can for my OC. I will even get a friend of mine to make my OC in neon. I do this because I cannot back down from a challenge. You've brought this upon yourself. 

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