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Looking for long-term co-author for FanFic series


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  I am working on a fanfiction project, called Legacy, and could really use some help.  


The Story:

  Legacy takes place in an alternate reality, which starts right after the Season 4 two-part premier (the rest of season 4 has not happened in this timeline).  At that time, an alien lizard-like race, called the Vectin, invaded and conquered Equestia.  Almost all of the Pegasus' were killed when their cloud cities were burned from the sky, with the few survivors hiding in the mountains.  The Unicorns disappeared mysteriously (will be revealed later where they went) after the Vectin started hunting them all down, as they were fearful that the unicorn's magic could defeat them.  Only the Earth ponies remain in abundance, with many being enslaved by the Vectin to grow and farm the bio-material they use to construct their bio-ships.  Earth ponies not enslaved live in constant fear, as the Vectin randomly attack them to prevent rebel uprisings, and take more slaves.  The story will focus on the adventures of a new Mane 6 (the grandchildren of show characters) as they take a captured unknown space ship in a long quest through space to free their planet by finding the only species that has defeated the Vectin before, the Terrans....


  My story outline calls for a total of 48 chapters, divided up into 4 13-chapter "seasons".  The original goal was to write each "season" first, then publish it one chapter a week, while working on the next "season".  I have created the entire background, and bio's for main characters, both heroes and villains, and have commissioned one of the artists on the forum to create visuals of the characters based on my descriptions.  I have created drawings of the Pony's and Terrans' ships, am finishing a map of space which will show their journey, and my roommate is helping me come up with visuals of the Vectin species and ships.


  I also have a plan for a side-story, to be published separately, that would take place during the invasion itself, and give more background on two of the Legacy main characters.  


Yes, I am serious on making this a big project.


What I'm looking for

  Someone who would like to co-author it, and help me write the story, even contribute ideas.  I've got the first few chapters started, but, having never written a story myself before, I would like some help, specifically with descriptions and dialogue.  I'm looking for someone who would be more then just a proof-reader, but a full partner in creating this.  My basic problem is I have the whole story in my head, but am having trouble getting it out!  

  Yes, this would require a long-term, and major, commitment from whomever wants to join.  Of course, you would receive full credit, and listed as co-author.  I intend to publish on FimFiction, but you would be free to share/publish on your own as well.


  Please let me know if you are interested, and I can send you a rough-draft of the first chapter.  Once on-board, I'll send you the character bio's and background info I've already come up with.  Obviously, communication will be important.  We can meet to discuss using Skype, as well as PM's here, email, etc for simple messages.


  Please only respond if you are serious about committing to this project!


Attached to this post is a 2003 Word Doc file of the prologue:




  So, who would like to join me in creating a new world?    B)

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