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When Suddenly!...


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The game goes as such, you say a simple scenario or scene followed by a SUDDENLY! Then finish with a random occurrence.

After such, another user must explain how they would react in that situation. Followed by him/her giving a scene with an occurrence following.


So forth and so on.


It could make sense or be completely insane :)

Have raining cheese from the sky? Sure why not?


Let's do a start off.

You're simply walking down the street, when Suddenly! Pineapples... (I totally needed to say that x3)

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Oh pineapple, do keep me company..

The pineapple says nothing, for it is non sentient being, when SUDDENLY!


"Apple apple apple! Hey apple! Apple apple!" A strange and familiarly annoying voice echoes in the vast nothingness that somehow rains pineapples

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As you are surrounded by Pineapples in a vast space of nothingness, all the Pineapples begin metamorphosing (that's a word now! :3) begin changing into talking annoying oranges, with big penetrating eyes and large annoying voice emitting from the mouth...


Your friend Jeffery the pineapple begins to turn... When Suddenly! It was all just dream!

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