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Searching Heroes if the Spiral (2slots open)

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OK everyone. I am rebooting an to attempt from a while ago.



Basically you can pick anything, any show,.game, book, Hell you can pick a song. As long as you use a character from that source. We will be trying to save the multiverse.


We will be meeting a character known only as the King. A shadowy figure with immense power that we will work for.


I am open to suggestions as well as per the story line, but as of now, expect to visit many anime, cartoon and fantasy world's on our quest so that is about it. I will pick a character last so that everyone has feel reign on their source. Only one character per source, I do not want a gajeel and a natsu. absolutely not. So Yeah just sign up as while you wish to be.



Two slots besides mine have been claimed. Two remain. For now. I will allow no more than seven players, after the first two others join, then we can start if we have not already.



Rp link:http://mlpforums.com/topic/112166-heroes-of-the-spiral/

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I'll throw an application your way.


Name: The Jack of Blades


Series of origin: Fable


Gender: Male


Weapons/items: Sword of Aeons and his Mask


Looks: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120418192710/fable/images/a/aa/Fable_Jack_of_Blades_Cover.jpg


Abilities: An Expert With both The Sword and His Magic, And is Known to be quite likable, Almost as if he is influencing the way you perceive him.


Personality: Jack is a Very Cunning Man/Demon, Always thinking of a plan, or putting a plan in motion, and he isn't a good person, far from it actually, yet he likes to pretend to be the good guy, it makes it easier to confuse his enemies.


And jack does love a good joke, and by joke I mean an insult about your dead mother, but hey, that's jack for you, he won't just defeat you, he'll crush your spirit, break your body, and burn you soul, and then he'll sit down and have a nice cup of tea as his minions have your head mounted above the fireplace.


Now don't go thinking that Jack is a Savage killer, oh far from it, he's actually nobility, back in the Void from where he crawled from, and as such he is very well informed in the ways of nobility and how one should act, that doesn't mean he won't dirty his hands with your blood though.


And that my friends is a basic summery on the personality of The Jack of Blades.

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Name: Riley Blythe


Source: Prodigy (a show which I once planned to pitch but gave up on. But it still counts, right?  :please: And so, I used the characters as my pony OCs)


Age: 20


Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes, red t-shirt overlapping black long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, red and white shoes

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OK fushia. you are in, I am getting ready to start.



OK star killer and mew two. Time bad guys that are sort of good. Fun times ahead. A vampire with psychotic tendencies, a whatever Jack is lol, a princess which is always captured, soldier, well, a real motley crew, just what I wanted. Now I know duskshade knows about the keys to the kingdom books, but our first destination us the House. Monday's realm to be precise. Have fun, and don't touch Nothing.

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