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Do your G4 brushables have really dry tails....?


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Several of my G4 brushable figures have dry, straw-like hair on their tails. The hair was like that straight out of the packaging. Strangely, their manes aren't dry - the manes are super soft and easy to brush and style. It's just the tail that has this problem.


I style all of my ponies manes and tails. I wash and condition them thoroughly and then put curlers in their hair. Usually, this method keeps my ponies' manes and tails super soft, shiny, and pretty! However, many of the figures have tails that REFUSE to stop being dry, droopy, dull, and awful-looking. X__X


Do any of you know how to deal with this problem? Or am I doomed to have my G4 ponies have brittle, stubbornly un-style-able tails forever?

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Are they like the ones you've already been buying? The Tails on all of mine have been equally as soft as the mane. Perhaps its a different manufacturer or some mix up happened at the factory. It happens sometimes.


Some of the brushables have great tails. Specifically, my Twilight Sparkle, Cupcake, Cherry Berry, and Sunset Shimmer seem to have perfect manes and tails. But the ponies I bought loose (the rest of the mane 6, Cheerilee, Lily Blossom, etc) as well as my giant Fluttershy have the driest tails known to humankind.

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My Twilight had problems with her tail, and my sister's Princess Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, and Rarity have that problem. To fix Twilight's, I wet it and then drenched it in Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt, and left it alone until dry. Now it is very soft and brushable. 

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Yes this is a problem.


Here is wht I do to get them silky.


1/ Brush through the tail with a comb (not an mlp comb, a normal comb that you would use on your hair) really good untill its as non-fizzy as possible.


2/ Wash it with conditioner, then wash out the conditioner and put more in, then brush it with the conditiner in the tail, then wash it out again.


3/ Boil water (in a teapot if possible) then but some in a glass bowl or cup (make sure its so hot it will burn you), then dip the tail in the bowl/cup and brush while hot.


4/ Put more conditioner in the tail, then put it in the hot water. brush it with the conditioner in the tail and then rinse out the conditioner.  You can brush it more and put it back in the hot water until perfect, but that's about it.


Let me know if this worked for you.


Oh, and I think I spelled "Conditioner" wrong...my bad. :derp:

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as well as my giant Fluttershy have the driest tails known to humankind.

So funny that you brought this up.  I thought it was just my imagination.  I bought the Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie from this exact collection, and the tail hair is indeed different than the mane.  It is not as nice of quality as the manes.  I styled all of their manes and tails, and the manes hold curls much better.  The tails are dryer, don't comb as nicely, and won't curl well.  Here's an example of my Rarity.




I wanted to get her tail in a nice, tight, spiraled curl, but this is the best it would do.  The mane, as you can see, holds a tight curl.


I don't have any advice.  Just wanted to let you know I'm in the same boat.  Why on earth would they make the manes and tails out of different hair??  It makes no sense.

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