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If you wanna be the life of the party
But you're feeling just a little uptight
Call the doctor, beg and plead
"Doctor, tell me what I need"
Try to put a little cheese in your knees!


Bubbles and balloons, bubbles and balloons
What's a birthday party without bubbles and balloons?
Star-shaped or trapezoid, look what I can do
Only TommehSnakes can make a bubble shaped like you!


What is your favorite candy? (Is that all I know how to ask?)


I don't eat that much candy but my favourite would probably have to be some wine gums or something.

In terms of chocolate Kinder eggs and anything else by Kinder is wonderful.



I also kind of find replying as an OC weird.


Why does broken glass taste so damn good?


I know right? It's what I look forward too the most in my breakfast.

Also if this is a reference to something I'm sorry :c

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