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Equestria GIrls: Rainbow Rocks Online

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The way this thread was titled made me think it was going to be about a Rainbow Rocks MMO.

That's why I clicked on it too.

Jumping on that "thought this was a mmo from Hasbro" Bandwagon


I wanna say, "Me four!" or "Ditto", but not-so-stupid character limit is holding me back. My thoughts remain, though.

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Locking this thread.


This forum has a strict policy regarding piracy.  Please do not post threads asking for or providing any sort of pirated content... you may of course provide people with links to legal copies of copyrighted materials (such as on Netflix) but please do not post any copyright infringing copies of items such as copies of movies or episodes on youtube or download links.


As the rules say:




Do not post links to pirated material. This includes torrents and links to direct downloads on cloud storage services. Not only do laws pertaining to piracy change periodically and vary from country to country, we also want to respect the rights and hard work of content creators. Furthermore, do not attempt to upload and host copyrighted material on this forum, or post in-depth guides on how to receive pirated content.



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