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I'm thinking of starting EQG Custom Doll repaints. Advice?

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I've been wanting for a little bit to start taking EQG dolls and repainting their faces to look show accurate, rehairing them and styling it, giving them better/different outfits,


or altogether using the doll body and rehairing and repainting the face to be a different character completely
(e.g. buying an Octavia doll and using her grey body as a base for repainting/rehairing her to be Bubbles or Maud Pie.


Does anyone have any experience/suggestions/tutorials that would be helpful for me to know in starting out?


I want to do a couple for my own collection, but I also would like to sell them on Etsy for cash (as I am finding it hard to get a job at the moment).


Any input would honestly be welcome. I'm entirely new to this artform/hobby. ;u;

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Thats a really cool idea! I dont know if selling them is legal, though it probably is. What inspired you to do this?

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That would be a great idea! I would defo buy them, and ^^ What inspired you to do this?

For ideas you could use OC Equestria Girls characters.

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