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MLP Blind Bag Writing Prompt


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I wanted to share an idea I had with my fellow writer bronies  ;)


Those who are familiar with writing as a hobby are likely also familiar with the idea of writing prompts, and this is one I came up with specifically for writing about My Little Pony.


It's very simple. Scoop up all those little blind bag ponies you have lying around and put them in a bag. Without looking, pull three ponies out of the bag and write a story about them. It can be any length, but the three of them have to interact with each other at some point in some way.


Not sure about using this as a prompt? Here's a list of its many benefits:

  1. Excellent excuse to buy blind bag ponies, as well as a use for them (or just for the ones you aren't displaying. If you collect them, I know you have some doubles)
  2. A prompt that's more fun than just reading a story idea and trying to come up with something
  3. Makes you combine characters in a new way, which can encourage you to explore aspects of them you might not have needed to consider before
  4. Some blind bag ponies don't appear in MLP canon, meaning that you will need to not just create a story from a prompt, in some cases you will need to look at the tiny bit of information given and create characters from a prompt (finally all those cheap mane six recolor-clones have a purpose!)
  5. Ponies that create your prompt can double as things to fiddle with while you're thinking, and having them right in front of you helps keep you focused on what you're doing

If you decide to try this out, let me know how it goes. If you'd like, you can even post some of what you came up with :D

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