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Slice of Life Spending the night at Astral's.

Astral Legend

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Hello, my name's Astral. Recently, my life has been put me in a bit of a bind. I'm not one to let anything keep me down for long though, no matter what it is. So, in order to take my mind off things. Going to be writing a short, little story between Astral and my favorite character from the show, Spike. Don't write stories all that well but I hope this is good enough for an enjoyable read.



It was midnight. Luna's moon high in the sky and usually everypony would be asleep, resting for the day tomorrow. All except two lonely souls in Ponyville. While one of the residents was well known, not just in Ponyville but Crystal Empire as well. That's right, everypony's favorite dragon, Spike. Twilight's number one assistant and savior of the Crystal Empire. He was awake, packing some things to visit his friend who just now came back into town, Astral Legend.


Now this stallion was certainly a character indeed. Almost nopony knew that he actually lived in town because he only came out at night when everypony was asleep and slept during the day. He lived in the house that was near Sugarcube Corner. So far, everypony thought that home was just vacant yet nopony decided to take a look inside just to see if somepony was living in it. Astral mostly spent his time outside of Ponyville much like his parents are currently doing right this moment.


Spike packed his small pack with much as he possibly could which mainly consisted of comic books and gems. He would be staying up all night, after all. It would be good to have something to snack on and show Astral what he had been missing out on his childhood. He already gotten the consent from Twilight which she was more than happy to let him do so and was proud that he finally gotten another friend who was a stallion other than Big Mac. While Twilight wanted to meet Astral, Spike said that she'd meet him in due time and it was because Astral was terribly awkward meeting new ponies especially how Twilight's curiosity would get the better of her and might end up frightening Astral a little. Spike was very considerate of Astral's problems and being the gentledragon that he was, he was going to help him get over that little problem but for now, they were going to have a quiet night together and hopefully learn a few things about each other on the way.




(To Be Continued)

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