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My first song.. terrible o-o


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...I've come across worse....



now as you progress though I do not do music myself I will recommend some need stuff



A new mic This will help with the quality of your voice



A little practice (pulling off the right voices becomes more than a pain so it takes a LOT of practice, it's best you do a little research)



Better artwork it's not often your going to get a load of views if you are using the pony creator best ask someone to draw the cover art for you or pick one from the internet with permission




Try to use other than screencast O matic Screencast o matic is best for screencast related videos for example if you wish to record the screen however it's best you use a fitting program for the topic that way you are likely to have better quality



hopefully after the fixes it will end up with better results. :)

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It’s certainly a good effort so I can’t criticize you for that, plus the fact I’m not really good at singing.


But am I right in assuming, you played the music part of your track through the speakers then back into the microphone as you sang?


Because it sounds like you have to be honest, and if you have this is, that method is doomed because it makes everything sound tinny and distorted.


It’s easy to fix though, all you need is headphones plugged into the sound port instead of speakers, a separate microphone and free software like Audacity.


Set the recording output to record the mic, the headphones to the other that plays the sound, then load the music into Audacity or similar and hit record and sing. And that should just record you singing, instead of re-recording the music and making it sound horrible.


Anway, again it's a good effort and good luck with any future projects :)

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