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Episode(s) You'd Write Differently

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I came up with an Applebat version of Bats! before and I think it'd be more interesting:



Hmm, Applebat could work depending on how they handled it.



I'd like to see Fluttershy struggle with the fact that her desire for the situation to be handled peacefully led to Applebat happening. Y'know, add in a flippant remark from Rainbow Dash:


Rainbow Dash: Great. If we got rid of the bats right off, Applejack would be fine. It just had to all get complicated.   >_>


Fluttershy: *tearing up* I'm really sorry


Rainbow Dash: Aww, wait, no... I wasn't saying it was your fault.


Fluttershy: But it is! I was so insistent that the bats should be saved that I ended up putting one of my dear friends in danger. I was selfish, and now I have to make things right. *gulp* If it's not too late.


And then bring in the other side when AJ is back to normal. 


Fluttershy: I'm so glad you're okay! I know this can't make up for what I did, but if you want to get rid of the bats now, that's fine with me.


Applejack: *shakes head* I got jus' what I deserved for bein' so tunnel focused on my way of doing things that I would mess with little critter heads to get it. 


Fluttershy: Still, I will defer to your choice.   :) 


Applejack: Actually, after spending some time as a vampire bat, I 'preciate them a mite more. The regular fruit bats have always been a bit of a thorn in our side anyhow cause the seeds are destroyed when they chow on 'em. If we move these bats to the west orchard instead...


Fluttershy: Then you'll finally be able to use that area in the future!


Applejack: Somethin' like that. If I had sat down a minute and talked it over instead of shouting, I would have realized that there were more ways to not kill the bats than givin' up this here space.


Fluttershy: And if I listened to you, I would've realized that it wasn't as simple as just fencing off the area where the bats came in and calling it a sanctuary. 


*Applejack and Fluttershy hug*

*moral and such about compromise*


Pinkie Pie: And the happiest pony of all is Rainbow Dash, who will still get her cider in the end.


*everyone laughs*

*Rainbow Dash can be heard saying "That's true!" in the background*

*camera zooms in on Applejack's vampire tooth*





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Crystal Empire: A decent two parter with the only thing I would change would be just a tad more background on Sombra. Sombra was inspired by Grogar who was one of G1's best villains. One thing I did like was the scene where it showed all those ponies in chains, it reminded me a bit of the Superman the Animated series depiction of Apokolips.



Magical Mystery Cure: I have made no secret that I have long thought it is the worst in the entire series but if it absolutely had to happen here is how I would do it. The cutie mark switching idea itself would be its own episode, it was a good idea that was poorly executed with its rushed pace. With more time to develop it it could have worked out and made everything feel much less jarring. Part 2 would wrap things up with an explanation of why this change is happening now as in one other than the "you have made friends and have been a good teachers pet".



Spike at Your Service: I don't hate this episode nearly as much as a lot of other people do but do understand some of the criticism. My main beef with it is that Spike was completely incompetent with basic chores and duties that he has been shown to be proficient or the very least decent at which is a tad inconsistent. It would have been more believable had he done reasonably well at first but then started to slip up as he kept over working himself due to feeling obligated due to his "dragon code."



Rainbow Falls: Soarin's accident would have been just that an actual accident and not due to him being incompetent. Spitfire would not have been as underhanded but Fleetfoot might have been but they still would try to recruit Rainbow Dash to replace Soarin.

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Mare Do Well. When the disguises were removed, Rainbow should have felt betrayed and explained to them that going behind your friend's back to teach them a lesson is far worse than seeking praise for heroic deeds. Maybe Rainbow would still admit she'd been laying it on a bit thick, but the other 5 should have been the ones writing a letter to the princess.


Though to portray the emotions realistically, I think the whole episode as it is would have had to be done in the first act, but with Rainbow being less happy at the end. Then second act is her mentally processing the events and realizing just how bad it was, and working up the guts to confront them about it. Third act is the others trying to apologize, and taking a lot of effort before Rainbow could truly forgive them. But I don't think that could really be done in a 22 minute episode. And the whole superhero thing would be over within the first few minutes, which was kind of the point of the episode in the first place. So probably better to just have Rainbow be emotionally fast as well, and understand right away what happened.

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The Mysterious Mare Do Well: The other Mane 5 would try to talk s*** out with RD, but she'd be too caught-up in herself to listen, driving them to become Mare Do Well in order to show her how it feels. At the end, she'd understandably chew them out for it, but also realize she drove them to do it in the first place, and everypony would learn both humility and non-hypocrisy.


Rainbow Falls: Powell would be replaced for this one. That is all.

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