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Princess necklace


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So a simple topic, but one I've been thinking about for awhile. Each princesss has a neckless except Twilight and it is noticeable. If we assume she gets one, and wears it with her crown, what would it look like? Her new crown is quite nice and suits her, but we have no idea how she came to its design. I'd like think the neckless would be symbolic and meaningful. Perhaps incorporating the Tree of Harmomy?

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It would be a brick. It would have 10,000,000,000,000 toms attached to it, and 45 gummies holding it together.



So. Many. Tom. No! Just please no!


Seriously though, I'll have to dwell on this for a bit. It is a simple question that I've never considered, but I'm honestly a sucker for symbolism. I wouldn't want to do anything as simple as gold with her cutie mak. Hmmm.

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