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OOC Our Little Ponies .

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Hello everypony.

Like what the title seems similar too, it is based upon the concept of My Little Dashie.


This roleplay rather then a single pony, three ponies have has the misfortune of being lost in the human world.


Fortunately there is a certain couple who take in the adorable trio.


For this three additional players are needed to take the role of a pony of their choice.

Ponies like the Mane 6 can be selected, others such as Big Macintosh, Derpy, Vinyl etc. can be selected as well.


Ponies such as the Royal Princesses, Sombra, Chrysalis and filly ponies like the Cutie Mark Crusaders or Diamond Tiara cannot be useable.


If you are unsure of the pony you've selected do please ask :)


Current roster

Miss Reaper - Fluttershy

LunaFlower226 - Derpy Hooves

Princess-Sunbutt - Octavia


Sorry no more spots friends.

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