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Who would be the future new Elements of Harmony?


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If we are keeping with the current named elements and not creating our own



Loyalty - Applebloom

Magic - Sweetie Belle

Honesty - Scootaloo 

Generosity - Diamond Tiara 

Kindness - Dinky

Laughter - Zipporwhill

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Well, I guess as long as the world needs another team of Elements? Hmm...


Loyalty - Applebloon

Magic - Sweetie Belle

Honesty - Scootaloo (no, I didn't copy you Jeric :P )

Generosity - Babs Seed

Kindness - Pip

Laughter - Snails

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Magic - Dinky Hooves

Honesty - Scootaloo
Kindness - Babs Seed
Generosity - Sweetie Belle
Laughter - Cotton Cloudy (I wanted to have 2 of each kind so...)

Loyalty - Apple Bloom

This is how I wanted it to be... But I don't really care that much about it really...


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Magic- Sweetie Belle

Generosity- Twist

Loyalty- Applebloom

Kindness- Babs

Laughter- Dinky

Honesty- Scootaloo  


My choices are strange, I know, but they seem fitting to me. And also my thought process was muddled by grief from the thought of having to say goodbye to the current Mane Six.

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Loyalty - Silver Spoon (She's a nuisance, but she's always right there for her friend, in spite of the fact that her friend is a bad pony.)

Magic - Discord (When/If he is ACTUALLY reformed...)

Honesty - Featerweight (He documented EVERYTHING with his camera. EVERYTHING.)

Generosity - Apple Bloom

Kindness - Dinky

Laughter - Snips & Snails (Yes, them together would be the only way to wield a single element.)


Using non-canon ponies...

Loyalty -

Magic -

Honesty -

Generosity - Snow Drop

Kindness - Fluffle Puff

Laughter -

(I can't think of anymore fan-ponies... D:   )

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I would guess Sweetie Belle for the Element of Kindness + if non ponies can use the Elements, then Spike for Loyalty. 


It is possible they would need to get the Elements back from the Tree + plausible they would have to undergo a quest/ordeal to prove themselves worthy


Non canon, maybe Fluffle Puff for Laughter.

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