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Ask Human Pinkie Pie (With Voice!)

~ Indigo Windigo ~

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Alright, ill bite.  :maud:


So, Pinkie, are you aware that you are being voiced by someone to use for a "Ask Human Pinkie Pie (With Voice)" topic? 


And if so, are you okay with this? Imean, surely you must feel odd that someone is borrowing your voice frequency(for the most part) for recreational purposes, no?  :maud:

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sounds nice! what are the pizza menu?


We were thinking we could keep it on the vegetarian side, as our animatronics are modeled after herbivores. But, we know that many people enjoy meat, so we compiled these toppings:


Black olives,





There are equal amounts of vegetarian food and meat. We will also turn your pizzas into calzones free of charge! :D

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