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My Little Derpy, My Little Derpy... Ah ah ah ah...

..... Muffins..... Derp E=mc2.......

In Canterlot

"Twilight, dear. Please fetch me Spike." Princess Celestia calls.

"Oh, yes, Princess Celestia! Of course!" Twilight says back.

She trots through the castle halls. "Spike!" Twilight yells. "Spiiike!" she yells again. Spike comes out of Twilight's room. "Yes, Twilight?" he asks. "Spike, Princess Celestia needs you." she says. Spike stands tall. "On it!" he says, then runs off to Celestia's room.

"Spike, will you write a letter to be sent to all of Equestria for me?" Princess Celestia asks. Spike nods and pulls out his quill and paper. "Ready." he says.

"Dear wonderful ponies of Equestria....."

At Derpy's Place

"Derp derp derp, de derp, herp derp." Derpy finishes reading the letter out loud.

"In Ponyville


"Wow!" says Eclipse Petal. "This makes this vacation even better!"

"I know, right!!!" Pinkie yells excitedly.

"Come on, I have a friend who I bet wants to run for president!" Eclipse says.

Pinkie nods and gallops off with Eclipse.

At Derpy's Place (again)

"Derp! Muffins are good. E=mc2. Harmony is Elements." Derpy states.

"Good, good. Let's improve this a little...." Eclipse says, and writes a few different notes on Derpy's note cards.

(Okay, sorry for the super long post, maybe I should just make this a story. XD :derp: )

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