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What is Nightmare Moon's (Princess Luna) armour made of?


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I've always wondered this since episode 1 of Friendship is Magic. Just what is her armour made of? I will accept RP, Fan Theories and reference to Fan Content in the answers, after all creativity is what us bronies and pegasisters are all about. :)

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This is my headcannon on the subject:


Long Ago, during the time of Star-Swirl the Bearded; Star-Swirl cast a spell, one dark and stormy night, that ripped a small whole in the fabric of space. Though it was only open for a few moments, a mysterious object came through into the land of Equestria. It was a thin, round, black object; that was inside of a thick square paper with artwork that looked like this  Welcome_To_My_Nightmare.jpg

Star-Swirl marveled at the object and realized that the grooves imbedded into the object itself must have a purpose. Therefore, with the assistance of the sages of yore, Star-Swirl constructed a magic powered device, capable of producing sound from the grooves. When Star-Swirl used the machine on the mysterious round black object, it produced a music that embodied the qualities of the night itself and then the object transformed into a metal substance, that retained those qualities.

     Since Luna was soon to be declared a Princess, armor was needed to give to her befitting this Princess of the Night; therefore under a harvest moon, Star Swirl used the metal substance that the mysterious object had transformed into, to make armor. This was then given to Princess Luna on her coronation and has been with her ever since.


And that is my theory on the origin of Luna's armor, as well as the origin of record players in Equestria. :comeatus: 

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Alicornium? :P


Seriously, it could be any numbers of things. It could be steel forged from the fires of the hottest volcanoes to the most ridiculous of made-up metals.


Unobtainium, anyone? ;)

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