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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

How did you find MLP Forums?

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

How did you find MLP Forums?: I received this business card referencing to the Poniverse Network. After months and months of having it I found it again and thought I would pop on this community here as well cause you could never have enough pony.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: It must have happened in the year 2012 of the month of October or at Bronycon 2012, one of those, or possibly both. Was already hearing about people liking the MLP show quite often, even some gaming friends talked about it. No one pressured me, I chose to watch on my own accord. Then I was interested in the people who watched the show. Bronycon was literally happening in my backyard. Fate must have wanted my cooperation. Interesting trip meeting quite a few bronies of the community, these days though they are getting quite a following these days.To see the fandom and ask what most people were involved with it was a high driving point for me that displayed that this was a great thing happening in the modern day. A fandom that promotes and attracts people to hold true to the concept of Love and Tolerance, but most importantly Acceptance.


Well hello MLP Forum community! I'm Bitgamer and I'm new here but far from new to the Brony fandom. I'm 23, living in the Manehatten area, have a good job (not living wage yet) and I get to go enjoy myself during the weekend with friends. Another thing too on that is that I am a organizer for Bronies-NYC. Let's me enjoy the company of other Bronies and organize meetups for everyone to enjoy.


I am an impulse artist, which is means it happens whenever the inspiration strikes, that's why I keep a sketch book with me to most places where I go. I do also like to take pictures, good pictures. People have said my pictures look good cause they capture a lot of great moments.


I also work as a graphic designer and panel director for Ponycon NYC. Very busy season coming in I gotta say.


I hope to see lots of you around and look forward to hearing back from this community!


- Bitgamer



p.s. Princess Luna is Best Pony

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