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The Poniverse Newsletter
As some of you might now, we started a project some time ago; a newsletter with information about Poniverse and its sister sites, as well as some other enjoyable things for you to read and look at. The newsletter was created to give you information about recent and future changes that you might have missed reading about here on MLP Forums or which you maybe not even knew about. With sections about Poniverse, MLP Forums,,, The Last Stand of Harmony, PoniArcade, featured content and more, we try to make the newsletter as interesting as possible for you.
This little project fell by the wayside,  however the team has been rebuilt and the Newsletter has been resurrected. We are back!
We just released the 5th issue for the newsletter via email. Hopefully you will like it, however there is always room for improvements and new ideas. Therefore, we would like to hear your opinions on this. If you have any suggestions on how the newsletter can be improved, please tell us below in a post. 
The Poniverse Newsletter team consists of:
@Jeric - Project LeaderWriter
@Rainbow Skywalker - Editor, Writer
@LightwingWriter of the Giggles
  - Interviewer

-  Community Writer 
Poniverse Public Relations Head


If you find any errors or incorrect information in the newsletter, please img-3195169-1-img-2192711-1-6hUJL.png

Find the newsletter here:
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5

Issue #6

Issue #7

Issue #8


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Christ, it's been forever since I've read a PNL. I started this many months ago and had to step back due to becoming rather busy with other projects. It ran for a few more months before a few organisational issues caused it to shut down for a long while. Im really glad to see it back up and running.

Great job guys!

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Issue 7 is now released.



You should have received the announcement email a few hours ago. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the content, this newsletter comes with several announcements. 


Introducing  and 


ChikoritaBrony will be joining the Poniverse Newsletter team to fill a critical void that has been somewhat absent. We have dedicated stories for all major elements of Poniverse, but until now we haven't had a community driven writer focused on MLP Forums itself. CB's role is to write editorial and community interest pieces about the forums and the fandom that anchor us together. His first piece was published today and is an well written overview of our second home. Welcome to the team Chikorita!


Pink Mist is one of our resident artists and role players. She is taking on the responsibilities of covering any news on the upcoming sister site, PonyRoleplay (PRP for short), and her knowledge or digital and traditional art will assist us in highlighting artists that frequent Octavia's Hall. Welcome Mist!



Pump up the volume


One of the challenges with a monthly schedule is that news on us and our partners does happen frequently enough to become quickly stale. Some of the past newsletters have become much larger due to this, and some have contained old news. No longer. Going foward, the Poniverse Newsletter is on schedule to be released twice monthly, and will have the occasional special issue. This way we will stay more relevant, and can focus on what needs to be brought front and center for all of you. In fact, the team even prepped a little surprise that couldn't be fit into this newsletter ... so expect a 'Editors Edition' of today's newsletter soon. ;)



Mission Statement


The entire point of a newsletter is to bring and highlight aspects of a service, good, or individual. That fits the purpose of ours as well, but that doesn't mean we can't branch out and have some fun. Expect some elements that are wholly new ... and entertaining. If there is something you want featured ... reply here or send me a PM.



In the past issues we haven't been as transparent as to who we are recognizing as I would have liked. That is changing now. 


Issue 7 Highlights


Staff Interview -


Featured Artists - @s.slug@Jeryk, @Love (Troblems), @Lucky Lass@MiniKirby123@Animation100, and @Petrus


Featured Author - 





Thanks all. See you very soon. :rarity:


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I have already subscribed to the newslatter.

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Good job guys! So awesome to see all the fellow users in those newsletters. Enjoyable to read them aswell.

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I added the link to Issue 8 from last month. Issue 9 is going to be released very soon. Keep an eye open sometime this weekend.

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Woah! Thanks a lot staff!  :pinkie:  We didn't need these newsletters! They provide so much information!!!  :fluttershy:

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Issue 10 is live


Welcome back fillies and gentlecolts. Yeah it has been a while hasn’t it? Well, the drought between Newsletters will be a thing of the past. Starting with this issue, the Poniverse Newsletter will strive to meet a goal of a weekly publication. We aim to involve and include not only internal news regarding our Poniverse sites and Partners, but also our members. A new sub focus on general fandom news will also find a place here. You can also expect fun contests and giveaways exclusive to our Newsletter readers so be sure to subscribe!

In Issue 10 we cover a new giveaway, Season Six excitement, some new art from our own members on MLPF, and some great tips as we enter the con going season.

As always, Pony on!



Credit for this issue 
@Crecious - Writer
- Featured Artist
@Crystal Vision - Featured Artist 
@Trees - Featured Artist
@PacificGreen - Featured Artist
@Simon - Guy who did the Giveaway text
@Lavo - Tech Pony who posted this thing online. 

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Spelling mistake in most recent newsletter. As shown on top line of screenshot. "goinh" should be "going"

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