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TACO Tuesday!

Gusty Velvet

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Is it wrong to cling to such a silly character Quirk?


Sonata Dusk, the air head, the ditz the valley girl of the Sirens. Paired with the Zira-esq leader, and the strong armed bully type who is basicly Starscream of MLP, she is ment for comedy...but damnit, somethin about her makes us Bronies squeeeee.


.....So ya, I got a few Stickers, and a wall scroll of our dear Siren in her pose and doing the "It's Taco Tuesday!!!!"....


And ya...I will admit, I kinda am planning on eating Taco's and making a good ol, wwe push for "Taco Tuesday" to all my friends from now on...I mean, why not?


Is it really any differnt then spouting lines like "friendship is magic" or "hmm, needs to be 20% cooler!".


If the take away from this is, Sonata is best Siren, then dagnabit...lets start shipping her with Sunset, like...TODAY!!


:Ponders, rubbing his chin: Scratch that...:breaks out middle school thumb eraser: Ship her with Pinkie Pie....yes..YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

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