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Rainbow Rocks Why the Dazzling's real forms work so well

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Original image!


So, don't get me wrong, the majority of people I've talked to and seen have very much enjoyed the Dazzlings (myself included. I'm mostly gay, and goddamn am I straight for the Sirens). If not their personalities (which weren't the most original thing in the world), their music is a no-brainer. The writers and voice actors did an ace job making these characters entrance people with their music, on and off screen.


Still, I have seen a lot of people in reaction videos or forums who 'didn't like' the design of their original, Equestrian forms. While that's perfectly fine, I'd like to point something out from how I understand it, so that those who don't enjoy it, can do so for the correct reasons x)


The Sirens were two (three or more in later myths) beautiful creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Their apperance has changed throughout mythology, from bird women to mermaids to even full-bodied human females or other varients, but one thing has never changed; they're identified as creatures of, or around the ocean.


The Siren's depicted forms are based off the Hippocampi, massive aquitic seahorses made of water that pulled Posidon's chariot in Greek Mythology. By choosing this as the Siren's original forms, DHX did two things simultaneously:


* Made the Sirens pony-like, as to keep with the show's theme, and to mimic their similar apperance (aka, they look like ponies in the Equestrian world, just as they look like/are humans along with everyone else in the human world).


* Made a callback to the original myth of the Sirens, by choosing a creature that originates from the sea.


So yeah, there's some brief mythology for those who haden't been aware x) I'm pretty sure this is why the Sirens were depicted as they are. I'm a fan of it, simply because of the tie-ins it acomplishes, along with being releveant to the show's lore.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and I thought I should add my part.


Looking at RR from a chronological perspective, what becomes apparent is the iconographical development of Sirens in mythological tradition. What I mean by this is that the earliest literary reference to Sirens occurs in Homer's Odyssey, where no mention of bird/mermaid form exists. The implication is the Sirens are wholly human in form, as they appear at the beginning of RR. The next form of the Sirens is apparent in their mid-transformation during 'Welcome to the Show'.


In addition to pony ears, they acquired wings. For me, this echoes the artistic tradition of Sirens as bird/women hybrids (a concept later integrated into the literary tradition, I believe Euripides' Helen is the first known example). The artistic tradition before Euripides appeared to be a separate entity to the literature, and perhaps was inspired by Minoan contact with Egypt who depicted a similar creature to evoke the concept of the Ba. Whilst the Ba predates Homer's Sirens, the form's association with the Sirens of ancient literature follows the Homeric account.


In addition to the OP's analysis, the final Hippocampus form also echoes the later mermaid iconography (the pony part of the hippocampus reflects the human part of the mermaid in this idea) which became synonymous with Sirens. Despite being cited by medieval, early modern writers as a Classical form, the mermaid idea appears to have been a more modern (in comparison) interpretation.

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Unfortunately, Rainbow Rocks is not out yet in Italy, so I don't know what to say about them.


However, I think their true form is very cool.


A mix between a pony and a siren? perfect!

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