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What were your previous display names, and why did you pick them?

Snow Frostflame

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(also if you can post your old profile picture if you still have it)


my first display name was PonygamesFluttershy I had picked it to represent my YouTube Channel but I had changed it for two reasons 1 I find it annoying when people call me Ponygames I get called that everywhere, and 2 I just felt like I should have a different name


my second display name was Spy I had picked it because I had a dream about being a Spy from Team Fortress 2 I had changed it because I was tired of people calling me evil and stuff


my third display name was Snowflake Frostflame I picked it because I wanted to be more like my OC I changed it because I'm not so depressed as I use to be


my current display name is Mike Schmidt because I like Mike Schmidt enough said


my old profile pictures




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When I joined, I was Creativity because I was going through a bout of writers block and thought the name would make me more creative. I changed it to Destiny when I got tired of Creativity. I chose destiny because I had been really thinking about my own around that time.


When I first joined, I had a hipster!Trixie picture. I've changed my avatar multiple times.

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My original name was Sawk, as it's my favourite Pokémon. I then changed it to Mienshao as it's also my second favourite Pokémon. I usually have trouble deciding who's my favourite, so that's why I changed my username.


I was recently thinking of changing my username again, but I'm pretty happy with my username at the moment.

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This is the name and avatar I've used since I registered. I had changed them for a couple months way back to Raronetta because I had seen a crossover picture of Rarity and Bayonetta. That then changed to Raronoopa after a fad had caught hold of the early days of the forum where people would put "oop" somewhere in their name.


I've gone back to Discordian indefinitely. I'm not one to change much on my profile. The thing I've changed most is my About Me page simply because it's hard to describe myself. For now, and possibly always, I've deleted it entirely and I'll let people know me as I am, not as I want them to see me. It works out better that way.

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villan97: i was loved the bad guys in stuff, and my classmates always saw me as one... with the first time entering it and misspelling villan97 instead of villain97, it stuck and i kept it


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My original name was WheatleyCore, my current name is WheatleyCore, and I did change my name every now and then for events but they never stuck. And I chose the name since I like Wheatley from Portal 2, that's it, no special reason.

Could never guess my original avatar since admittedly I change them way too much, knowing me it was probably Portal-related.

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Picked this to state the main fact about me & never changed it in terms of loyalty & devotion. Somehow it also makes me pretty unique in the herd too & contributes to personality's brightness a lot.

Though once I thought I'd change it to Circum Bolt or aCupOfCum but decided to use those in different places for obvious reason.

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I originally started as BigMac (I wanted a character name) but I changed it very quickly to Undecided. The reason was because I flittered between a few names in a very, very short space of time and thought it best to remain undecided. 

My new name is because I love Sunset and so I decided on a username to somewhat reflect that :)

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My first name here was PowerStar89. That's my name on MLP wiki, and when I first joined here I wanted something recognizable so my wiki friend (long story) knew it was me. I forget how I originally chose it though; that was over 2 years ago :P


Within a year, I got a little tired of that name and I changed to to SparklingSwirls instead. No particular reason other than I wanted something different and that looks pretty.


I then changed it to Aki Tykki for "Non-Pony Identity Day"; that guy is one of my favorite Finnish singers. I just changed it for a day though.


Then SparklingSwirls again...


I also changed it to "powerstar" for a day since my friends and I were playing truth or dare, and that's what they dared me to do. :derp:

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The first name I picked was Sir Jackleberry (friend gave it to me a long time ago, and I've kept it since). I lost the actual avatar I used back then, but it was of this image here.


Used a bunch of other random names here and there, none of which had any real significance, to me at least (I kinda liked Fluttershy The Witch though ...)


Then in the end, I changed it back to Sir Jackleberry, as I wanted to return to my roots. :)

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My first username was AsherdangerDash:


My name is Asher, and at the time I loved Rainbow Dash.


I got so fed up with my username, and wanted one that said something about me being a Scootaloo fan so Scootaloodle was born, plus Asherdangerdash sounds crap in my opinion.


My original profile picture was



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pegasusexpress2010 -> WindChaserPegasus


pegasusexpress2010 is an identity I use on many other sites, like YouTube, DeviantArt, and (formerly) Twitter. I created my OC afterwards. I requested proposals for names, I picked @Sunny Fox's suggestion of Wind Chaser, and I think that may have been one of the single best choices I've ever made in my life because the name was full of so much meaning that I didn't find out about until later.




I made my OC an alicorn as part of an April Fool's joke, and put on fake hubris and overconfidence just to mess with their heads. :umad:


~Happy Gilda (WCP)


A placeholder name while I was reconstructing my profile. I found out someone on another site had co-opted the name "WindChaserPegasus" so I was forced to reconsider, and I was inspired by this Gilda face which I gave an Advice Animal background.




Wind Chaser


That has become my primary identity on this site since June and will remain so for the foreseeable future.


AirTrain Newark


Did this for Non-Pony Identity Day, mostly to impress . Also helps that on my down days, I feel like a machine controlled by an outside, larger system moving mindlessly from one place to the next in a small, enclosed area, and I move sluggishly, shake, and accelerate and brake abruptly.


Unknown Pegasus #211


Did this when I got really depressed and didn't want to do art or post on this forum anymore, so I stripped my OC of his name and replaced it with a number. Thankfully, I was never able to pull myself away from this thing! :lol:


Nightwind Boreas


This is an evil version of Wind Chaser brought on as a Nightmare-like manifestation of jealousy. Detailed here: http://pegasusexpress2010.deviantart.com/art/Nightwind-Boreas-486803243




A temporary identity formed as a joke between me, (actual name Dark Edzilla), and many of the other regulars of the Count to a Million thread. She basically started co-opting the Nightwind Boreas identity, so I overwrote my profile with hers and took on her identity in response, though it's clearly marked "Notzilla" to alleviate confusion.

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I've remained pretty much the same since I joined. I have the same username, and my avatar has only been changed once, because a new PonyCreator was released and I liked this mane and pose better.


I still have the original, though:




Why not talk signatures, too?


There's also only been one change in my signature, and that was making a MLP-version of this:




I'm pretty boring, I know. lol

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My original display name and username is SCS, because that's what I've prefered to go by on the internet for the past several years. It's an abbreviation of a username I came up with on the phone with one of my best friends back in January 2008. He was getting me to sign up for a certain online game, and in our conversation I came up with the username SupremeCommanderSturm. It's a reference to the primary antagonist from one of my favorite video game series of all time: Advance Wars.
I changed my display name for the first time on June 27th, 2014. I changed it to Doctor McCoy for non-pony identity day. I changed it to Not Ashley on July 16th, 2014, back to SCS on July 17th, 2014, back to Not Ashley on August 12th, 2014, and back to SCS on August 20th, 2014. That was for a joke she started up some time ago. I changed my display name to A Pirate on September 19th, 2014 for International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and changed it back to SCS the next day. I keep changing back to SCS since that's my preferred display name.
I don't remember all of the avatars I've used but here's a list of all I could find, in no particular order:





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My first name was WinginWolf. I like flying and liked the symmetry of the name (the initials, really: WW). Half a year later I changed it to super80wolf since I wanted something a little less cheesy :P. For non-pony day, I was Admiral Akbar. I eventually changed my name to SparkWolf since I wanted a similar name to my special somepony :wub:.

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Username has been the same. I like cupcakes and idk why I put the number 14. I jusssst did.


I used to have a ninja dinosaur pic, but changed it to the unikitty gif I have currently. I had the dinosaur because ninjas are badass and so are dinosaurs.

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