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Your favorite piece of clothing.

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Normally i’d say dresses but since my legs are scarred now idk anymore i don’t really wear any now  i do got my favorite panda hoodie & fleece bear hoodie/robe

I absolutely love scarves, Victorian/Steampunk-Styled Jackets/Dresses, and gloves (Dress Gloves not Winter Gloves), I don't know why but I always found the three to be pretty. Also long black boots wi

This amulet used to belong to my grandmother. She always wore it and you can see how it’s been worn away a bit because she would play with it when she was nervous about something. I wear it every day.

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I'm not entirely sure why, but this is my favourite top. I wear it all the time and I got it from Urban Outfitters. (not me in the picture by the way ha!)



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Collar shirts with a kind of tile pattern complemented by dark reds and navy blues. I enjoy that kind of clothing. I find it comfortable to wear and it looks nice.

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Right now, in Phoenix it is winter.  The temperature is in the 60s & we are FREEZING here! (Hey, it's a dry heat, it's a dry cold, too).  Thus, my favorite is my stocking cap.  You know what they say, "you want to keep warm, insolate the attic".  I may look like a dork, but at least I look like a warm dork.


MsMegan91 During the 1960s, those were peace symbols.  During the 1970s, I was a Dungeon Master & researched the Middle Ages.  At that time, they stood for witchcraft.  I'm not sure what they mean today (They revoked my cool license back in the late 1980s & I have No Clue what is cool & what ain't)

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I prefer polo shirts and a normal Jean,but I sometimes wear a jacket and track pants

For Summer I usually go with polo shirts.

I think polo shirts are the worst thing ever created by the humankind. Too dem overused, while looking horrifying, the society is pushing it down your throat, avoid them!1!!!


But anyway, I'm being dramatic. ^_^ My favorite clothing is the victorian style. It looks fancy, while being laid back and comfortable.


It's a shame that everyone is stuck on the tie... it looks boring really. There are much more creative neckwears than this.


Here's a sample, I'm going to wear this for my prom. You might like it, or hate it. :)




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I can agree with you on varsity jackets. Got one a while ago, I love it but it still is too big for me to wear. :3


Hoodies are cool. I have like 6 different hoodies. Some of them are the pullover ones (ones without zippers) and some of them have zippers. My favorites are my green one, navy blue, blue, gray, and red. I also have a pink one that I like, but it's so small now.


As for shoes, just sneakers. I also love my ugg boots.

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Combat boots. One can never have too many!

I LOVE combat boots. You're right: you can never have to many. :D I also like Converse sneakers.

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I don't really put much thought into clothing.


In general I like short sleeve shirts and try to wear shorts as much of the year as possible.




On a side note I do remember clothes shopping a couple years back and there were these $200+ jeans. I tried them on just for the hell of it.

I can say that they were the best fitting/looking jeans I ever wore. ^_^ I didn't buy them though.

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Hmmm... that's a bit tough for me. I suppose anything loose and / or oversized and lightweight would appeal to me, as I HATE tight clothing!

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hoodies hoodies hoodies hoodies hoodies


Any kind, any colour. Zip up, pull-over, anything. I have a soft spot for baggy ones though :) And the ones with fuzzy stuff on the inside like mah gad

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I love jackets.  They make me feel cool.  B)
In the summer I like to wear tank tops.  To be honest it is because I like to show off my biceps and feel strong and athletic. :comeatus:

I also love running sneakers.  When I fell in love with long-distance running, I had only worn-down tennis shoes.  Then I got running shoes and I felt as if I were running on a cloud when i was in fact running on the road.

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