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Mare in the Moon

Had a crazy Future Soldier event yesterday

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Just thought I would share. It was fun.


Me and the other Army recruits from around the Golden-Denver-Boulder area all gathered at a park yesterday. We practiced formations, something I had very little experience with so far, and then went on a 1.6 mile hike up and down a mountain. After the hike we got back into formation, listened to some speeches, and then did pushups.


After that we got to eat big subway sandwiches and cookies for lunch. And then, after eating a big lunch, we got smoked (We all knew it was coming o-o It always does) At first we just had to stand in formation, do a few drills and watch some awards and promotions being given, but then we were seperated out into our platoons (All the people from Golden together, all the people from Lakewood together, etc.) And we did 100 overhand claps, and 100 jumping Jacks. Anyone who couldn't stay in Cadence was eliminated. After doing the jumping jacks, we had to stand with our arms straight out to the side until we were told to drop them, and anyone who dropped their arms even a little bit was eliminated.


After the first eliminations, all the remaining people gathered into formation in the middle and had to do about 800 more in sets of 200 (I only got to 600), and hold their arms to the side for about 2 minutes in between each set. I lasted quite a while, the encouragement I got during the process really helped. I was finally eliminated when I let my arms drop a tiny bit. It sucked, I wanted to keep going.


I was the last person from Golden to get eliminated, and I felt a real feeling of accomplishment after. Sure I didn't WIN, but it was one hell of a workout. My shoulders are really sore today (And I am sunburned pretty badly XD). The guy who DID win was also from Golden. In the end it was him and a girl from Boulder.


After I was eliminated I went and grabbed a bottle of water and another Cookie. A few of the Sergeants asked me why the heck I was eating after all that we did, and I honestly didn't really know either o-o The cookie just looked good.


The event made me really excited to ship out. I cant wait to just get everything started

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