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Which pony race would you want to be? Why?

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  1. 1. What pony race would you want to be?

    • Earth Pony
    • Pegusus
    • Unicorn
    • Another race in Equestria, such as a Griffon or a Zebra

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Would you want to be a Unicorn, Pegusus, or, just for the sake of being a pony, an Earth Pony?


I would be a Pegusus. I have always wanted to fly!


And, if you have not noticed, I didn't put Alicorn on the poll, for the fact that of course you want the best of both worlds, but I can't make it that easy for you!  ;)

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Earth ponies never get very much love despite the immense fan base for Pinkie Pie and to a lesser extant Applejack. They're supposed to be physically stronger than the other ponies and more industrious as well. Not to mention they're the only ones who can grow food which is a pretty big deal.


Actually, since Celestia and Luna raise the sun and the moon, unicorns don't really have any specific purpose in Equestria now. They're largely obsolete.

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If I was a unicorn, I could just troll everypony around.  


If I was a pegasus, I could do an actual barrel roll.


If I had neither of those, I wouldn't have to worry about learning magic or flying. But I would feel left out of both.


I'll take wings.

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I think it would be easiest for a human to transition into a unicorn.

We humans are used to having hands.

Unicorn telekinesis replaces hands very well.


Magic is just the icing on the cake. Even untrained unicorns know a spell or two, Having a light spell, Rarity's mending spell (remember when she fixed the broken wagon wheel?), or a few useful spells always make life a bit easier.


Conclusion: Unicorns are best.

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