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Gaming Where did all temples go?. Locations after beating Zelda 1 for the first time


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I don't even like this game that much, have tried both famicom and nes. I prefer famicom due to how cool the sound effects and music is in that game (And a lack of censorship in some cases). But what puzzles me is that after i have beaten the game once, suddently the temple location changes?


For example. I know where Dungeon Level 2 is in the first playthrough. But for some reason its not there when i use the same savefile, its only a pool of water now where the temple stood.


Level 1 dungeon are still there though, but i feel that the others is either switched or vanished?


(When one beat the game once then the game gives you the option of starting over from the same savefile),


Do you guys know why that is. Is it gone, or is it somewhere else. Curious to hear what you know :)

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Yep, this is the second quest. A couple enemies were upgraded from last time, and dungeon items will be collected in a much different order from the first quest. One of the first things I suggest is buying a bigger shield after buying a candle. It's also harder to make rupees in this quest.

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