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Hey everyone! I'm slowly getting back into roleplaying and I'm aching to play as my username sake, but I don't feel like joning a thrid RP. So, to compensate I've decided to open an Ask Bright Bastion thread. As this is my character and not necessarily me, the responces will be in character, but not all questions need to be roleplay ones. You can ask about anything you want but I will be giving Bastion's point of view on it. So ask away!


Bastion is a low ranking knight in the Equestrian Royal Guard stationed in Canterlot. He's kind and treats anypony with decency. If you want to read all about him and his absurdly long back story, here's a link to his profile:http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/bright-bastion-r7263

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An interview? My cutie mark? Ah, well I got it when a certain somepony gave me sort of a lecture. I was pretty down, one of my best friends had just left me standing in the street, and he found me on his patrol and took me back to my ... "home." He stopped before we got there and he asked me a bunch of question shared some life advice and then I realized that being a knight was just, what I wanted to do. Protecting people, making sure I didn't let any of them get hurt in any way, make sure that they're safe. In a way that knight shared his dream with me, he told me he had wanted to live his life that way, ever since he was my age. Once I figured out what my heart really wanted, my cutie mark appeared.


To be honest I'm glad it did... I wasn't really sure what I was talking about, or if saying all of that was just wishful thinking until it popped up.


Sorry it took so long with the reply, I've been busy and this didn't appear in my notifications ))

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